Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What is your Dream Shoe?

So I have been a bad little blogger and have not been doing my job very well the past few days. This week has been crazy as I try to finish up some papers and prepare for some exams.

So, since I'm a little crunched for time, I want you to tell me what your DREAM shoe is. If money were no object, what shoes would you go out and buy yourself?

Christian Louboutin Patent Rolando
Kinda boring, I know? But, the way I see it, I will get to wear them all the time because they are such a classic style and color. But since money is no object, I will buy two pairs!

Leave your dream shoe in the comments!


  1. Uhhh yeah my dream shoe is those flats I tried on yesterday....le sigh

  2. Probably a classic pair of Loboutins. Or a pair of YSL tribs


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