Monday, December 20, 2010

Movie Monday

For the past few weekends Grease has been on TV, and no matter how many times I have seen it, or how recently, I can't seem to change the channel. Sandy's (aka Olivia Newton John) outfit in the final scene is iconic. Tight black, high-waisted pants, black off the shoulder top, leather jacket, and red platform slides.

Oh to have legs like hers...

Anyways, that brings me to my point: I hardly see anyone wear slides anymore, do you? Well, as soon as I can get an ass like ONJ circa 1978 I am bringing back the tight black, shinny, high-waisted pants and slides. Who's with me?

Friday, December 17, 2010

Sunday Slippers

It's Sunday. For me, that means a day to relax, sleep in, maybe stay in PJs all day (so far so good). How about a nice pair of slippers to go along with all that?

They don't look like slippers do they? I know. Aren't they gorgeous? I think I can lounge around on a lazy Sunday in these puppies.

*Thanks Pretty Little Things

Boot x 3

What do you think of these boot-turn-booties by Creative Recreation?

Version 1:

Version 2:

Version 3:

Thursday, December 16, 2010

New Shoes for a New Year

So I am thinking about renting this dress from Rent The Runway for New Years Eve this year. What do you think? Now I just need some shoes to go with it (withing a budget of $100). I might want to wear tights or stalkings, but I want to have options for both bare legs and covered legs (i.e. open- toed or closed-toed shoes).

Option 1: Kelsi Dagger Tiffany Pump for $99

Option 2: Michael Antonio Lloyd Pump for $65

Option 3: Michael Antonio Theta Platform Sandal for $48 (in black or magenta)

What would you choose?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I have a confession to make...

"Toning" shoes are on my Christmas list. Well, so are these, but come on - let's be practical here. Because I have secretly been coveting a pair of toning shoes for a while now, I went my local sporting goods store to try on a few of the different varieties. What I found was that the more they look like toning shoes (you know what I am talking about) the more effective they felt. And vice versa.

The first pair I tried on were the Sketcher I figured, toning-wise, these were going to be the leader. Once I had them on, I could immediately feel my quads, calves, and abs engage. It is almost like you are walking on miniature balance balls. Even standing in one place, I was rocking a little back and forth because I couldn't get myself stabilized. However, I can't get over how bulky they are and am definitely looking for something a little more unassuming.

The next pair that I tried on were the New Balance True Balance shoes. They are more of the style of shoe that I am going for because they look just like any other running/walking shoe, but when I tried them on I was a little underwhelmed. I really couldn't feel any balance or toning quality in the shoes. The heel of the shoe felt more cushioned, but that is really the only difference I felt when walked around in them. But who knows, maybe you need to wear them for more than 10 minutes to really feel the benefits.

Next I put on the Reebok Easy Tone Go Outside Walking shoe. These basically look like a standard running shoe but have two pads on the sole of the shoe. One under the ball of the foot and the other under the heel. I could feel myself try to balance and stabilize while just standing still, but not as dramatically as the Sketchers. I did feel it when I was walking. My legs, glutes, and quads were definitely more engaged. After 3 tests, these are becoming the clear favorite.

Even though my mind was more or less made up, I tried on a pair made by Avia. They are shaped more like the Sketchers shoe and provide, what feels like, around the same amount of instability. They definitely look a little less like toning shoes, but not quite enough for my taste. But I would recommend them for anyone who wants a lot of toning potential without having a shoe that stands out as a toning shoe.

Celebrity Shoe Closets

Color me jealous. Maybe one day I will be able to have a closet that looks like one of these (as I type this I feel extremely shallow...).

Maria Menounos - I mean...for all we know, this is just the shoe rack at Saks. I'm just trying to make myself feet better.

Mariah Carey - Look familiar? What I didn't realize is the picture I used from my first post is only PART of her shoe closet. The worst part is, not all of her shoes are on display. Some of her 1,000 pairs are in storage. Do you think she wouldn't mind loaning a girl some of those shoes?

Paula Abdul - I guess since she's so little, she 'needs' all those heels. Sigh...

Eva Longoria - I think her 133 square foot closet is just about the size of my apartment.

Christina Aguilera - A ladder in my shoe closet? Yes please. Though I might pass on the leopard print carpet.

Ashley Tisdale - Her shoe closet is an entire ROOM full of over 250 pairs of shoes. I should have been a Disney child star. If only I had some talent...

All pictures and info from

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Colors for Spring

It may not be snowing here in Dallas, but the weather is definitely starting to cool down dramatically. It's a little funny to me, that when the peak of summer hits, I can't wait until fall and winter. But as the fall turns into winter, I can't wait until Spring. The fashion world has been looking toward the spring for a few months now and Pantone has released their "Colors for Spring 2011", Honeysuckle Pink leading the bunch.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Louboutin Bridal 2011

I am not getting married anytime soon, but if I were, you better believe one of these pairs of shoes would be on my tootsies.

In My Dreams...

Look at these GORGEOUS peep-toes from Christian Louboutin. I don't even know if I would wear them, I would just put them in my closet and stare at them every day. But, that won't be happening any time soon, because, like fine art, they are going to cost you about $2,000.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Everything Old is New Again

Vintage everything is making a resurgence into the fashion world. Dresses, jeans, pants, and especially shoes. Many designers are taking inspiration from the past and designing some great shoes with vintage flare.

Vamp it Up Heel @ Mod Cloth

BDG Saddle Shoes @ Urban Outfitters

Miu Miu Sandali Platform Sandals @ Saks 5th Avenue

Eye in the Sky Heel @ Mod Cloth

Shimmering Trellis Heels @ Anthropologie

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Shoe Clips

I recently tweeted that shoe clips would make a great gift for any of your shoe lover friends. Or to dress up one of your own pairs of shoes. You can make them yourself, or buy them on Here are some of my favorites from some Etsy sellers:

Off-white Ostrich Feather Shoe Clips by StudioWedbyMirela

Lovely Felt Flower Shoe Clip by RoulziliGarden

Holiday Mini Bow Shoe Clips by No144

Chiffon Flower Shoe Clips by Lemon Ring

Designer Spotlight: Jessica Simpson

You may have heard recently that Jessica Simpson's fashion and beauty lines have sold over $750 million. Sales are projected to keep growing with the launch of her new contemporary sportswear line next fall. I personally have not bought her clothes or beauty items, but I am a big fan of her shoes. Some are trendy and some are simply classic. They are not only comfortable but are pretty durable for shoes. I have had one pair for 4 years, and the only reason I don't wear them anymore is because I have worn them so much they are just dirty. The heels and soles have not worn out and neither has the canvas. Like the rest of her line, the shoes can be pretty affordable.
Mely Oxford
Ellye Flat

Katoy Pump

Cobra Boots

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Shoes on a Budget

Lord only knows that shoes are my weakness. However, being in grad school doesn't free up much cash to go shopping. There are some less expensive options out there that are just as fashionable and wont break the bank. Case in point:

Christian Siriano Alexandra: $44.99 at Payless

Karima Leather Boots: $49.99 at Target

Taree Wingtip Oxford: $19.99 at Target

Simply Vera Miro Over the Knee Boots: $58.97 (on sale) at Kohls

Madden Girl Rhianna Bootie: $49.95 at DSW

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