Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lindsay Lohan in Court

What do you think of Lindsay Lohan's look for her court appearance today?

via Splash

I actually don't mind her dress, but I do not think that it is appropriate for court. Her shoes, on the other hand, I can't stand. They look like they have a shorter, kitten-heel, which I am not a fan of. She could have gone with an equally classy shoe with a higher heel. I also would have gone with a different shoe color. Black and white can be nice, but I would have rather seen her in a nude shoe or maybe a pop of color. Granted, the look, overall, is probably not the best for a court appearance. 


  1. She looks like she's goin clubbin

  2. I read court and had to do a double take.
    I love the white and black combo, but holy inappropriateness!

  3. I agree with you, while as a man, I am a fan of a shorter dress or skirt, and sky high heels, it is just not fitting to go to court like that. The judge might just feel that you do not have respect for the court, and keep that in mind when it comes to sentencing.

    I agree with you on the kitten heels, those shoes she is wearing seems like they belong to her 85 year old granny, they have less sex appeal than a wet picnic.

    I have read quite a few posts on your site, and I love what I see. My wife has exactly the same passion you have about shoes. I had to alter her shoe cupboard to accommodate her shoes. (about 70+ pairs, and counting)

    Great blog, hope to see you visit mine also, I know you will find it interesting.

    Have a lovely day.


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