Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Speaking of Loubs...

I don't know what it is about that red sole...but man, my heart starts-a-pumping. I would gladly shell out $1000 for Louboutins for my wedding if it meant I could only wear a $200 dress. I know, I one would see them.

But I will! And that's all that matters.

Drool with me, won't you...

Tres Decollete Ankle-Strap Pumps in Nude from Saks

There is something a little old-school pin-up girl to these sexy pumps. Play up that vibe, a la Dita Von Teese and you will definitely be looking good.

Declic Glitter Pumps from Saks

If Dorthy were alive today, she would be sure to trade in her ruby slippers for these lovelies.

Popi Lace-Up Ankle Boots from Saks

Again, these remind me of a time gone by. A little bit 20's flapper, a little bit war-time nurse. Either way, they are perfect.

Love Flats

These shoes speak for themselves. LOVE them! I know for a fact they carry them at Saks and Niemen's but I can't find them online. They may not sell black-gold anymore but they have them in cork-gold and navy-red.

Ok....time to snap back to reality.

Welcome to my Soled Obsession

Do you wish your closet looked like this? too.

That's Mariah Carrey's closet by the way. I don't think I am going to be at Mariah's status anytime soon, but a girl can dream!

You see, like a young Carrie Bradshaw (minus the glamorous lifestyle), I am obsessed with shoes. Currently, I own over 30 pairs. Mostly bought on sale or deep discount I would like to add. I'm not buying Monolos or Louboutins...yet.

So in the mean time, this girl will dream....
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